Dana LaMon

Motivational Speaker and Author

The word love is indeed mighty. Whether written, spoken, gestured, or sung, it can create a lifelong bond in a relationship, bring peace to a conflict, bolster confidence in uncertainty, relieve pain from injury, and prompt sacrifice to meet a need. The power of love is not lost in translation into another language.



Given the capacity of love to give, heal, support, forgive, and bond, I can think of no situation where it would not be of significance. It is well suited for recognition as the ultimate purpose of life.


You and I have purpose. Threaded through our very souls is purpose, which is woven into the design of the universe. Each of us has a unique role in completing the color, texture, and beauty of life's tapestry. Because purpose is soulful, it doesn't matter the condition of the body. I am blind and have been for fifty-five years; I have purpose. Carol has been deaf all her life; she has purpose. Marilyn uses a wheelchair for mobility; she has purpose. Bob is approaching ninety years old; he still has purpose. Jui was born four months ago; she has purpose. Arthur in Brazil, Irene in South Africa, Stephen in Malaysia, Allison in Canada, and Cameron in Taiwan all have purpose.


Purpose is three dimensional--incidental, individual, and universal. Incidental purpose is the motivation or reason for a specific action that you take. It is variable and changes from action to action or endeavor to endeavor. It is the impetus for a particular pursuit that you may undertake, such as a college degree or an investment plan. The second dimension of purpose--individual purpose--is a life mission or calling. Your calling may change as you mature, gain experience, and increase your knowledge. As you become more aware of your talents and abilities and develop spiritually, you will better understand your individual purpose. The third dimension to purpose is universal. It concerns your life's benefit to others and to your physical surroundings. It reaches beyond self in recognition that our lives are intertwined.


Ultimately, it is love that gives us the ability to reach beyond ourselves to benefit the lives of others. Giving, forgiving, supporting, healing, and bonding are those reaching actions that love enables. No matter who we are, no matter where we are, and no matter how we communicate, love allows us to reach out to connect with another person. When we connect in love, you benefit, I benefit, and the universe is made complete.


We were created to be sources of love and to be vessels that receive love. Loving is as natural to the soul as eating and breathing is to the body. You did not have to be taught to eat or breathe; you did them as an instinct for survival. You did not have to be taught to give and receive love because love is the essence of your being.


Even if the ultimate purpose of our lives is to love, you can choose whether or not you will fulfill your purpose. You can choose the way that you will fulfill your purpose. You can choose when you will start or stop living with purpose. In short, to love or not to love is your choice. Love lacks the power to impose.